Question MSI P65 Creator display ports (DP and HDMI) not working?

Nov 6, 2020
Hi everyone,

So here's the deal - I have an MSI P65 Creator 8RF that I bought about two years ago. Overall, it's an incredible machine, it looks and acts like the laptop of a proper functioning adult while having the insides of a BEAST. So far it has run everything, that I play, on max and never even sneezed.

A slight issue that had begun relatively early after I bought it - is the HDMI port not working. After trying to fix it for quite some time via software and drivers, and not succeeding, I found an HDMI to USB-C cable and that was all I needed for my display needs. I kind of just forgot about the HDMI issue really.

Recently, I bought a new gaming monitor, with the intent to have it run at 144hz and 1440p (as opposed to the rather obsolete external monitor I had beforehand). For customizability and proper function, I need to connect this via Mini Displayport (rather than the USB-C to HDMI, whereby I receive no back input from the screen). However, I discovered that the Mini DP on my laptop is also non functional.

I've tried reinstalling drivers for display hardware and chipsets, I've also tried rolling them back. Nothing, neither HDMI nor DP work. I'm starting to worry this may be a hardware issue.

Has anyone encountered anything like this on their MSI laptops? Does anyone have any ideas how to fix it without the hassle and risk of a hardware checkup at a lab?

GPU: GeFore GTX 1070 with Max-Q Design

CPU: i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20 GHZ