Question MSI PRO B660M-E DDR4, vga white led, no post, no start, after bios cmos clear reset

Jun 18, 2023
new build. white vga light on mobo, no post, no signal.
MSI PRO B660M-E DDR4 PLUS R9 290X = WILL NOT POST (but it did before the bios upgrade, bios upgrade successful, bios downgrade successful, now no post issue :(

I bought a new MSI PRO B660M-E DDR4 motherboard with a 12th gen Intel CPU, and put my Graphics card AMD Radeon R9 290X OC in.

Played some games, all was going very well. Then I read that to future proof my mobo for 13th gen cpu, I would eventually need to do the bios update, and since it was less than 1 day old for the motherboard, I decided to flash via bios menu using brand new fat32 usb stick to the latest MSI PRO B660M-E DDR4 BIOS
Version: 7D46v2C
Release Date: 2023-05-22
File Size: 10.09 MB

bios update successful.

But ever since then, MSI PRO B660M-E DDR4 plus the R9 290X the PCIe graphics card will not POST on startup. the VGA white led status debug mobo light just stays on and nothing is POSTing. the bios startup does not even come up.

I tested the R9 290X in another pc, works fine.

I tested a spare GTX660 pcie gpu in the new MSI PRO B660M-E DDR4 motherboard, so the motherboard posts fine.

I reset my bios, took out the battery, waited 5 minutes, shorted JBAT1 jumper, done all that. mobo still wont POST, it goes to VGA white led status debug mobo light and thats it.

I flashed back to the original BIOS that the motherboard came with. still wont POST with the R9 290X.
Version: 7D46v29
Release Date: 2022-11-08
File Size: 9.21 MB

bios downgrade successful.

I really hate my GTX660, I want my R9 290X back..

what did I do wrong? in hindsight I knew I should have backed up my bios settings that the mobo was sold with because I think the bios settings its sold with is very different to what the battery cmos reset defaults are. and it was working, now its not. the only thing thats changed is a battery cmos reset. I am never doing a battery cmos reset ever again.

Can anyone suggest any clues as to what it might be ? UEFI settings? I tried many bios settings, but I can't find a combo that will make the R9 290X go again. Physically the mobo and cards are all fine, but just not together in the same system. I am typing this on thread post with it.




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Jun 18, 2023
UPDATE: I found 2 other users (Ivcho and Frandesktop) with the exact same problem. with no solution for us yet.

SOLUTIONS on my list to try:
- investigate if R9 290X has complete UEFI support from the gpu board.
- investigate the USB/xhci driver/s bios setting are ok.
- investigate any legacy/UEFI bios settings
- buy another motherboard as MSI dgaf
- some bios versions supports legacy gpu, start trying ALL old bios versions, one at a time.
- two other users states that UEFI mode works fine for their R9 290X gpu using their asus mobo. i am guessing MSI really dgaf.

why oh why! did I have to choose MSI, I feel like an idiot. I should have gone with Gigabyte.
Jun 18, 2023
UPDATE: I found two more threads by Grounder890 and lioh. with the exact same issue, with no solution. thats a total of 5 of us.

MSI what is going on?