Question MSI Pro Z690-A - - - - Red CPU LED troubleshooting ?

Dec 13, 2022
Like the title says, I've got a MSI Pro Z690-A and I'm having consistent issues with the CPU LED indicator when trying to boot. CPU is an i5 12600k, if that matters.

I have tried plugging/unplugging every power connector and component, so far all I can tell is totally functional is the PSU and CPU fan. I have tried swapping the RAM sticks (2x8gb Corsair Vengeance ddr4 3200) between slots and running with just one stick. I have the latest BIOS on a USB in the Flash BIOS port. My monitor is plugged into the motherboard directly and comes off of sleep mode when I power on the system, but displays nothing.

Am I missing anything? Totally possible as this is my first build. Or do I have a dud of a CPU? I'm not really sure where to go from here.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

I have the latest BIOS on a USB in the Flash BIOS port.
Did you follow through steps outlined in your motherboard manual, page 30, listed underUpdating BIOS with Flash BIOS Button ?

Did you inspect the CPU's socket for any bent or broken pins? If you're working with one stick, populate slot A2 on the motherboard. If two sticks, populate slots A2 and B2, per your motherboard manual.

Can you please list the specs to your build like so:

If you don't have bent or broken pins on the socket, it'd be a good idea to take your CPU over to a known working compatible(with the right BIOS as well) motherboard and see if the same issue persists on donor board. If it does persist, then yes your CPU might be the root of the issue.

How are you cooling that processor?
Do you have a graphics card installed?

Have you pulled the CPU back off and verified for SURE that there are no bent pins on the motherboard. Not even one. Not even minutely bent or "off" compared to the others?

Why do you have a USB sitting plugged in with the latest BIOS version on it? Did you flash it already? If so, why is it still sitting in there. You should remove it if you flashed it already. Also, when you flashed it, did it blink or do anything to indicate a successful flash? Did you have the CPU in or out when you flashed it? Did you flash it before or after you discovered you had problems?