MSI R9 290x upgrade choice


Oct 16, 2014
Hello there, I have kind of a big issue for me personally.
I have my MSI R9 290x from 2014 or 15 and I have been using it full time since.

Main components:
i5 8400 2.8Ghz 6 cores
8 gb DDR4
R9 290x mentioned

But I had my issues and I am pretty much so done with them.

I cannot open any game, or maybe almost any game without my fans going crazy and temp hitting 90-93 degrees, doesn't matter of it's Overwatch, WoW, DayZ, Rainbow 6 Siege or Escape from Tarkov which is not even playable on low settings.
I just cannot handle the noise of the fans or the fact that I am bringing in my room in summer days.
I tried replacing the thermal paste and pads, removing all dust from my pc, removing all dust inside the gpu, made it better for idle but still not torable for gaming, I can hear it even with my headphones on.

So here comes the question, what should I upgrade to, I would like something cheaper like a 1060 or 1070, I would like at least the same performance as the R9 290x because it's a pretty good card, even though I have no idea how to run Escape from Tarkov and I Wasted 45 euros and I am pissed af, sorry got carried away, and I would like it to be less noisy, maybe I deteriorated it in time, maybe my placement in a box made out of wood without the front and back walls was an issue and the fact that it is almost touching the wall on the back, even though I put it in the middle of the room for all the airflow it needed and no better results, I don't know, maybe you could help me.

Thanks for reading and I wish you have a wonderful day!