News MSI Reportedly Denies GPU RMA Due to CableMod 16-Pin Adapter


Jul 13, 2016
Problem: Not fully seating the 12vHPWR connector can lead to overheating.

Solution: Fully seat the connector.

Not a solution: Using a non-standard compliant adapter that violates the keep-out-zone volume around the socket, making it likely that physical interference from the body of the adapter will make it impossible to fully seat the connector.
Sep 5, 2023
MSI claims CableMod's 12VHPWR adapter causes issues, thus voiding its GPU warranty.

MSI Reportedly Denies GPU RMA Due to CableMod 16-Pin Adapter : Read more
Just wanted to comment on this from our side. Some brands will accept some, and reject other warranty claims, however, if a warranty does get rejected by the manufacturer, we are making sure that we fully take care of our customers if something like this does happen. We're still seeing very low amounts of failures like this considering overall sold/shipped units as well, something to note. In the case that this happens though, and a manufacturer denies warranty, we're offering replacements or repairs. Repairs if people want to keep their highly binned cards, or replacements if they would rather do that. We also have already updated the adapters to CEM 5.1 and increased connector tightness overall, we expect moving forward there will be zero failures due to these upgrades.
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Jan 13, 2017
Wasn't there a company that made a 12vhpwr cable where the bit you plugged in at gpu end had a different colour plastic. I think it was yellow at connector pins bit