MSI Reveals Four GeForce GTX 1070 Model Lines

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Nov 7, 2015
Will they be as ridiculously overpriced as their 1080 counterparts? $720 USD for a MSI Gaming X 1080 that we all know doesn't provide any more overclocking than any other base level AIB with a two or more fan cooler.

I was expecting to go with MSI this time but after that bushleague nonsense, nooooooooope. It's not like their Lightning 980 Ti. So they have no business gouging like that for nothing.


Apr 27, 2013
Is this the shotgun approach? They dont know what to make, so they just throw 1 of everything into the pot? Why not just make 1 good design.


One size does not fit all. I like the idea of the SeaHawk but IIRC it's not been any quieter than a standard after market cooler Maybe the low power requirements of the 1070 will result in something especially cool and quiet but I doubt it. I'd rather get a full coverage block and water cool, if I could find a card that was cheap enough.


Oct 8, 2015
i would love to have card models advertised as "silent" and "power house" instead of aero and twinfrozr ... just a thought


Jan 13, 2016
I'll probably be sticking with reference cards from here on out if possible. I probably won't switch from my 970 until I absolutely have to, but I put together a really cramped little mini ITX PC recently and the reference style cards don't blow hot air all over the rest of my system, which is pretty important in this situation. And they look cool in my opinion.

Reviews are out,1.html

Considering that all the FE 1080 cards throttle at stock speed.... and considering the wide difference in performance in the 970, I don't see a real basis for that position.

We are looking at clock stability and temperatures here. NVIDIA’s own reference design suffers from severe throttling just after few minutes. It probably wouldn’t be that bad if not the frequency spikes. While average clock is somewhere around officially stated boost clock, those spikes cause micro-stuttering, which negatively affects gaming experience.

Founders Edition suffers from a horrendous amount of throttling and it runs +- 150 MHz lower all the time.

Meanwhile, MSI GTX 1080 GAMING X generates almost a straight line for GPU frequency (~1910 MHz), with no spikes and rather constant sub-70 C temperature. This should mean that the gaming experience will be much better, and card should theoretically generate better results in most tests. Also according to H.I. this is also the best custom design they so far tested.
This article explains why.... it's all in the componentry chosen and how you cool the chips on the PCB results in different performance levels... pay particular note to the bottom 3rd of each page (2-4)

Water cooling hasn't really added anything to the table performance wise, since the 7xx series ... hybrid CLCs are a complete waste of money as the GPU never gets anywhere near the throttling point on the decent non-reference designs. If the OC is going to be limited in any way thermally, it will more likely be because of VRM temps. But if noise is also a concern, full cover water blocks are they way to go.

As was shown by dozens of sites, the issue was a red herring, it had no impact on normal gaming performance and you had to go outta ya way to create one. Sure you could run out of memory but to do that you need high settings at 4k. And if you bought a 970 for 4k you didn't choose wisely, neither than 970 nor 980 can deliver 30 fps at any settings which cause the memory limit to be exceeded.

Thing is, the quantifying fact is that nobody really has massive issues, dozens and dozens of media have tested the card with in-depth reviews like the ones here on my site. Replicating the stutters and stuff you see in some of the video's, well to date I have not been able to reproduce them unless you do crazy stuff, and I've been on this all weekend.

After some internal testing here over the weekend we could quite honestly not really reproduce stutters or weird issues other than the normal stuff once you run out of graphics memory. ..

So I have been asked to look into this by many of you. And we did so, all are reviews on the GTX 970 stand as they are. They show the real performance of gaming with this card. The past few days we did look a little closer to some of the reports out there. At 2560x1440 I tried filling that graphics memory, but most games simply do not use more than 1.5 to 3 GB at that resolution combined with the very best image quality settings. This includes MSAA levels of up-to 8x. At the best settings and WHQD we tried, Alien Isolation, Alan Wake, BioShock Infinite, Hitman, Absolution, Metro Last Light, Thief, Tomb Raider, Asassin’s Creed Black Flag.....

Let me clearly state this, the GTX 970 is not an Ultra HD card, it has never been marketed as such and we never recommended even a GTX 980 for Ultra HD gaming either. So if you start looking at that resolution and zoom in, then of course you are bound to run into performance issues, but so does the GTX 980. These cards are still too weak for such a resolution [4k] combined with proper image quality settings.

We tested specifically with this title [SoM] as reportedly it runs into problems (stutters) at the point where it can't use more VRAM, with our card that is 3.6 GB. Read that carefully, we can not load up the card with more VRAM even with heavier DSR - and that is the precisely point where people have been complaining about stuttering and other issues.

Overall you will have a hard time pushing any card over 3.5 GB of graphics memory usage with any game unless you do some freaky stuff. The ones that do pass 3.5 GB mostly are poor console ports or situations where you game in Ultra HD [4k] or DSR Ultra HD rendering. In that situation I cannot guarantee that your overall experience will be trouble free, however we have a hard time detecting and replicating the stuttering issues some people have mentioned.

See above link.... all the FE 80s are exhibiting thermal throttling. Also


Jan 20, 2016
I built my current machine over 5 years ago (using a x58 motherboard),i7-960. it does everything I want , I was forced to win 10 and I have added a ssd and using Mint Linux for 95% of what I do now, the win 10 HD is empty except for a game or two, diablo 2 and tera-online. if there were Linux versions of them then the only thing left is my tax software. I have a gtx 760 now but thinking about a 1070 in a few months once the drivers get a bit more mature. And some good reviews of boards running linux
I wouldn't worry about driver support as the core architecture hasn't changed much. They're mainly updating for new games like normal.

I'd still wait for reviews etc after release.

Also, I believe the VOLTAGE is locked down until it's been out and tested for stability. After that we should see a larger separation in overclocking scores (ones with better cooling, VRM etc) though there's no guarantee the GPU will have much left. We just don't know.

You should see roughly 2X to 2.5X the performance boost depending on the game. Closer to 3X for some DX12 titles (that use the GPU better while also minimizing CPU bottleneck).


Jun 11, 2016

People are saying it will be quite cheap, probably around ~390/400
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