Question msi RX 580 gaming x not reaching base clock, how to get the base clock without manually overclocking?

Nov 18, 2019
well, the title is very self-explanatory, the model i got (8GB) should reach 1380 MHz without problem, but when I check Radeon Software it only gets to 1150 MHz, even if I use the automatic overclok it only reach 1250 MHz, I screw it up with the wrong drivers? When I installed the drivers I chose the RX 500 series drivers instead of the RX 500x series drivers, that have something to do with the problem I have rigth now?

Edit: the card runs games without problem, the temperatures don't go over 65°C, it's just that it bothers me that is not reaching its full potential
In a nutshell, you'd switch the top setting from "automatic" to "manual" and set voltages for each of the exposed frequencies. That would allow you to shave off about 30W of power draw compared to auto while still hitting 1380MHz.

Here's a guide I put together for manual tuning. Unfortunately, AMD changed the "wattman" tab in Jan 2020. I personally haven't made the switch from 19.9.2 because I've been hearing many bad things about the 2020 drivers. I might have to bite the bullet soon so I can continue to provide guidance for this topic (threads just like yours pop up roughly once a week).
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