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Question MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC not posting

Apr 17, 2021
Hi Guys,

I have a MSI RX570 ARMOR 4G OC which stopped posting all of a sudden. It was working fine and after a reboot it stopped showing any display. The fans spin but there is no display. There is no onboard graphics so have to use a GPU.

System Specs:

OS: Windows 10 Professional
Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2660
Motherboard: Intel X79 (UEFI: American Megatrends Inc. 4.6.5 01/17/2019)
RAM: 16GB ECC Registered
PSU: 650W Corsair

It was working fine for almost 2 years in this set up and now it doesn't.

I have another Asus RX560 4GB EVO which works fine in the same PCIe slot. If I put this MSI RX570 in the second PCIe slot then there is no display at all (fans spin on both cards but no display from either DVi, DisplayPort and HDMI). I have tried Asus GTX 1060 6GB Turbo and Asus GTX 1070 Ti in the same PCIe slot and they both work, with both 1060 and 1070, the system still turns on and I can get to desktop.

As soon as I plug in this RX570, there is no display, combination of other 3 cards work perfectly fine.

Any idea what can be the issue with this RX570 and what can I do to get it back working?

Thanks in advance.