Question MSI using proprietary PSU/Connectors?! Is there no alternative?!


Nov 8, 2010
Thanks for taking a look at this, I don't know if you can help me though.
I have an MSI B250 Gaming Nightblade. The system model is an MS-B090.

The problem is this: I have called MSI multiple times over the last couple of months trying to find someone, ANYONE who can and is WILLING to answer a few questions I have. I have been out of PC building for about 12 years now and bought this thing as a long-term replacement about 7 years ago with the understanding (as advertised) that it was upgradeable.

I have about maxxed this thing out and the only limitation i am having is POWER. After getting very tight-lipped answers from MSI techs it appears that when mine was made most of the techs were still in JR. High........ LOL I joke. It's an old system but they basically don't know anything or just say I'm screwed- time to buy a new system.
The MOBO uses a 10-pin connector on main power. The PSU is made by FSP as a 'Sparkle Power' PSU and they refuse to talk to me or they have no good contact info for my problem. MSI told me the PSU they used is made just for them, only sold to them, and the connector is proprietary so I can't buy a PSU elsewhere. This can't be TRUE, can it? They said an adapter to the 10-pin wont work because its all wired different and I almost feel like that has to be wrong. There's 10 pin adapters all over out there. I don't wanna fry my system but I need another 150watts or so at LEAST. Does anybody on here have any expertise with this and MSI systems? Here's what I can tell you about my system:

It uses a FSP-Group-FSP350-40UGBBD-350W-Power-Supply for the PSU
The MOBO is: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MS-B9071

Also, I can't even tell you the difference between a MicroITX, MiniITX, ITX etc. All I've ever used is ATX cases and I would gladly move this thing over to one if I could but I don't even know if I can due to the damn PSU. I have an 850w Thermaltake from my original machine if I could make it work but honestly... I just need options! I'd happily buy any one of the 550-800w PSU with this same form factor. I just don't know if they'll work.

I'm currently using 2 onboard SSDs and one external SSD. I also have an HDD connected from the original configuration. My GPU is an old NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3gb OC'd with Afterburner and I have 32 GB ram. This thing could do ALOT more if I had more power and a new GFX so I pray someone out there can definitively answer this for me.

I do appreciate your time in reading this and hopefully even being able to answer it!
Thanks and Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!


Its possible. OEMs like dell, hp, msi, etc have used proprietary parts at times before. If the techs have told you that, I'd believe them. Unless you get an adapter from msi they say will work, i wouldn't chance it.

The only thing to do now is to pull what you can and start over. A new standard case, board, and cpu will do you wonders.