Question MSI Vega 56 airboost OC system crash

David Williams

Jul 7, 2013
Hi All - I have the MSI Vega 56 airboost OC gpu and recently it has been causing system crashes. It's normally when underload and mainly when playing Apex Legends - when the system crashes I have to wait several minutes for the heat to reduce before my system will power back on. I had random crashes previosuly, so I upgraded my PSU to an Aerocool Project 7 850w Platinum and I've put an rx590 in there to provide an alternative test and do not experience the same issues.
I've ran monitoring software while running a benchmark and it's as if wattman does not control the fan curve correctly regardless of setting, so I tried running MSI afterburner and manually setting the fan curve, but this also causes crashes. The GPU temp only shows into the 60 degree range, but the GPU memory is jumping to high 70's and once it hits 80 degrees my system shuts off. I've only had this card since April 2019 so wondering if I should return and swap for an alternative.
I am running a mini-itx build, but I read blower designs are fine for this as the GPU blows directly out of the case - unless I'm wrong? Nothing is overclocked and I'm running the latest AMD driver 19.8.1
My system is 2600x - wraith spire cooler (staying under 40 degrees while gaming)
asrock b40 m-itx fatal1ty mobo
16gb DDR4 3000mhz RAM
Aerocool Project 7 850w Platinum

I've reseated and reconnected every component and i'm not daisychaining power to my GPU.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.