Question MSI Ventus 3070 3x OC Not Detected

Feb 12, 2021
This is a new build.

I was assembling the pc at a friends place. Booted and everything worked. Came back home and there was no signal from the hdmi port of the gpu. I did switch it to hdmi of MOBO and I had signal.

I opened up the case and notice the fans were not running.

I have been doing some digging and tried a few things.

It does not show in device manager.

First I made sure both 8 pins were connected on GPU and on PSU.

I did the DDU although not in safe mode. Rebooted and tried to reinstall NVIDIA drivers but it says no GPU detected. This update does not support this version of windows.

I disabled Intel UHD. Restarted. Tried to re-install drivers but same error message.

I did reset CMOS as well.

What else could I try? I do not have another system to try the gpu on.

PSU : RM Cooler Master 850W
MOBO : Asus ROG z-490 E Gaming
GPU: MSI Ventus 3x OC

Thanks for your help


Feb 23, 2018
Well you said you’ve built your pc at your friends house. So I assume you transported your pc with your vehicle when going home, it’s possible maybe the GPU came loose from its PCIE slot, or possible that it might’ve damaged the slot or GPU when heading back home which is why it’s recommended to take apart some components when transporting it in a vehicle etc.

You could try reseating your GPU from the PCIE slot and looking at your MOBO is seems like you have a 2nd PCIE slot so you can also try that as well to see if it gets detected. Ask your friend for a spare GPU to see if the problem still occurs.
Feb 12, 2021
Thanks for the answers. The PC was standing when transported but it was in a compact box with foam. Doubt it moved all that much. Will know for next time. As for other PCIE slots i have a mid-sized case with a chromax black cooler so no room to try other PCIE slots. I can get an external PCIE for cheap maybe and try that. I have a 1050 ti at home that I could try.