Question MSI x470 not connecting to Ethernet

May 29, 2020
I just build this PC.
MSI x470 gaming plus max
Ryzen 5-3600X
16g Ribjaws Ram
500 GB nvme.2
Evga 600w
RX 5700 XT xfx thicc lll

I seem to be unable to get internet by an Ethernet cable that works on my other devices and I have tried getting the right LAN drivers (Realtek Ethernet) but they say that Realtek network controller was not found and than it mentions something about sleep mode and to plug cable if that’s the case. I have no clue what to do this is my first build and I’m really sad that it’s not working out. If anyone know something please help.
I would suggest you trying to update the bios.
If that does not work, since you've installed correct drivers (I assume that you have done it from CD or MSI's web page) I would RMA the board, since it should work without issue out of box, since windows has drivers of it.