Question MSI X570 A-PRO AMD AM4 motherboard issues

Oct 18, 2019
This is my first build in a very long time.

I went for the RTX 2060 and the R5 3600 alongside this motherboard.
At first I attempted to use an old SSD with windows 8.1 and because all my drivers were there all the hardware was detected.
Since then I have installed a fresh copy of windows 10 to my new M.2 ssd and have set it up fine.

However I've been having quite a few issues that I don't understand relating to hardware detection.

Firstly my graphics card connects to my monitor, but doesn't always send a signal for it to wake up.
Then it takes a decently long time to boot (my i5 4690k / 960 build boots significantly faster)
When I access my pc my graphics card, monitor, mouse, etc and a few others don't show up in device manager.

When I set up the pc I ran windows auto-update, and on installation of nvidia geforce my pc crashed and forced me to recover.
I then assumed it was an incompatible version, and attempted to download nvidia myself through their website (same result)

So far I've been able to install the drivers to everything else and get most of it working, but I can't get my PC to detect my GPU in devices, or my monitor specifications (it's locked my 144hz monitor to 60hz and says it is a generic php)

I've tested the graphics card in another pc and it is fine, it also shows up when I boot my pc at the start so I know it is being detected somewhere (also it is projecting the picture onto the screen right now)

I also reset cmos to see if that would work out? And it didn't.

I'm not sure if it relates to incompatibility with the motherboard, or this is something I'm doing wrong, please help.
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Ok, so, by "fresh copy" do you mean you upgraded or updated your WIndows 8.1 installation to Windows 10, or did you disconnect all other drives except the target drive, delete all existing partitions on that drive and then install Windows 10 to the unallocated, unpartitioned, unformatted space, resulting in a "Clean" installation?

If you did not do a CLEAN install, with all other drives disconnected (Yes, it makes a difference), then I recommend you do so and see if that clears up the issues. If you DID do that, then I recommend you first make sure you have the latest BIOS version for your motherboard installed. What, BTW, is the model of your motherboard?

What is the EXACT model of your power supply?