Question MSI X570 Pro randomly not booting ? (multiple repairs attempted).


Oct 30, 2011
hi so my newest build started having random events where it would not boot, the EZ debug VGA light was on each time, i had just recently bought a 2nd hand XFX R9 290 and assumed the "new" card was faulty, the card has some strange brown flakey markings that cover about 1/3rd of the board on the back (plastic and metal surfaces) and so i swapped back to my old XFX R7 360DD but within a day the same issue happened again, from here i took the entire system appart, i fixed 5 bent pins on the CPU which i am 99% sure where cause when i removed it as the thermal paste had fused the cpu to the cooler and they pulled out together so the cpu bracket was still locked, everything was cleaned and i started some boot tests, so with only SSD, MOBO, CPU and 1 stick of RAM everything seemed fine (no screen to be sure as no intergrated graphics), connected the R7 360DD and booted fine, swapped to R9 290 and again booted fine (confused.jpg),

So then i reconnected additional SSDs, the USB 3.0 header for the case and the 2nd stick of RAM, suddenly no boot, removed 2nd stick of ram, booted fine, wondered if it was a bad slot or bad stick so swapped 1st sick for 2nd and booted with only that one in alone, no boot, swapped back to 1st stick and booted again, so its a bad stick or so i thought, got case all back together connected periferals and suddely no boot again, right so the only thing now is a periferal or something about the case, as i am diconnecting periferals one by one to no joy suddenly i thought i had moved some power cables as i put the case side back on, back on desk, side off, bend the cables back and it boots, add 2nd stick of ram and again still boots, so at this point i am now convinced that it was a bad cable from the PSU causing the GPU to not power up randomly which would explain the mixed results, so i replace the PSU and all seems fine for a few days but again random no boot, EZ debug VGA light back on again ?

at this point i have no idea what the issue could be, would there be a way to check if it's a bios issue? any ideas welcome.
i am considering a full reinstall of windows to rule out some strange driver issue although the previous driver was fully uninstalled with a driver remover tool.

MOBO - MSI X570 Pro
CPU - AMD RYZEN 7 / 3700
RAM - PNY 16GB (2X8GB) 3200hz
GPU - XFX R9 290 (with an R7 360 available as well)
Storage -
1st - Kingston 240GB SSD
2nd - Kingston 240GB SSD
3rd - Kingston 960GB SSD

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