Info MSI X570 Ryzen 3000 unstable freeze black screen network issues

Aug 25, 2019
Hi Guy's,

I just started 2 threads last week and you guys were really nice and helpful. Thanks especially to PC Tailor and Metal Messiah. To sum things up I would like to share my experiences with you guy's and maybe help others with the same problem.

I built 2 gaming PC's (A and B):

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus
2x 8GB G.Skill Trident Z 3600 CL15
8GB Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 Pulse Aktiv PCIe 3.0 x16
Seasonic 650 FX Focus+ Gold

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X (was curious about the difference to 3700 x)
MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus
2x 8GB G.Skill Trident Z 3600 CL15
ASUS Dual-Series Radeon RX 580 8GB (was originally meant to upgrade the old system a few month ago. I thought it is still good enough for next 1-2 years and kept it)
Seasonic 650 FX Focus+ Gold

First I built A. From the first boot on, the system was very unstable. I had black screen with instant reboot and after I installed windows I also got freezes and something that felt like shutdowns due to over straining but without any over straining xD (System starts massive lag -> freezes -> reboot).

I used an old win 10 DVD from 2017 and that is absolutely NOT recommendable. First thing I did was to put CPU clock manually to 3400 Mhz and Ram to 32Mhz at 1.35V. This increased stability in a way that I had 5-10 min between the crashes and not 1-2 min like before. With this increased stability I managed to wipe myself trough the win updates and after 8 hours of painful freezes and several new installations I actually managed to update on Win 10 build 1903. With 1903 the freezes and black screens stopped.

I also experienced problems with the network controller. But the important things like updates and driver downloads worked.

With win 10 build 1903 it was also possible to install MSI/AMD driver. Any earlier attempt lead to a blackscreen with windows not booting anymore afterwards.

At this point the computer was stable so far but when I tried to play a game the Computer blackscreened and restarted after like a minute.

To nail the problem down I used CPU-Z to stress CPU. -> Nothing happens ... runs stable
Then I used memTest (6 of them 2.5Gb each) to stress RAM. -> Nothing happens ... runs stable
Then I used FurMark 3D to stress GPU. -> System crashes after like 20-40 seconds

Then I started my threads here:

PC Tailor hinted me to towards a BIOS update and I am honestly kind of ashamed that I did not think of that myself :). But thank you so much anyway.

After the BIOS update (A02) System runs fine so far. Also the network issues seem to be gone. CPU is on Auto settings again and Ram is still on 3200 Mhz (I did not try 3600. I will wait for a better BIOS and maybe working XMP before I dig into that). Oh by the way: of course XMP is not working :). Only issue I currently have left is that sometimes my SSD is not detected properly during boot and I have to do a restart. Could be the SSD but I bet my money on the BIOS. I hope they update this trash BIOS soon (again. The Fact that they even released a BETA of A03 tells you everything you need to know about the BIOS).

Then I built B and it was horrible. The system was even more unstable (this time I was prepared with a Win 10 1903 boot stick VERY RECOMMENDABLE) and it freezed and crashed even on build 1903. The network controller regularly stopped working and only came back after several hours plugged off from power grid. It was not possible to install the MSI/AMD driver. Every attempt lead to a black screen with windows not booting anymore afterwards. After like three days and 10 re installations from different boot sticks images and DVD's (all with painful freezes and black screens) I gave up on that one.

I found a helpful thread in the AMD-Forum where other guy's had similar issues with the board:

In the end I switched board in B to a Gigabyte X570 Gaming X. The moment I started the PC all issues were gone. PC is running perfectly stable on the other Board. CPU is on Auto settings again and Ram is like in A on 3200 Mhz (I did not try 3600 here either. I will wait for a better BIOS and maybe working XMP before I dig into that). Oh and the XMP on this board is also not working :).

I currently even think about switching A to the Gigabyte too. Will see. Hope this Post helps.

Thanks again to the community and kind regards

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