Question MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK - Bios ME Version N/a ? Bios DMI missing ? 4xUSB not working, Sound Not Working ?

Mar 12, 2021
hi, I have been trying to fix this for weeks and seem to be getting nowhere with it....

I appear too have lost the ME Version from my bios... and Im hoping for some guidance on repairing it.

My Board is an MSI X99A Gaming 9 ACK

In my (7882v37) Bios it says "ME Version N/A" and is not detected in System Devices in Windows 10x64. (This applies to any Bios I flash to the board).

I have attempted to power off , unplug and battery removed, I even left it off overnight. But ME is simply gone (from Dual-Bios's)? I do not know how or when it happened ...

Symptoms with motherboard include;

Onboard sound stopped working and not visible in Windows Device Manager.
4 x usb ports no longer work.
Exclamation marks on an Intel "USB device" that refuses to clear no matter what I do. USB behaves chaotically on detection.
ME is not visible in Windows Device Manager.

I imagine this is all ME related..?

I have been able to save a dumped spi.bin using "FPTw.exe -d SPI.bin" (HERE) without any visible errors or warnings...

ME Analyzer shows this from my dumped spi.bin (screenshot)

I just didn't want to play around with commands any further, until I know exactly what to do next.

Tools I have downloaded in preparation are;

Intel ME System Tools v9.1 r7
Intel ME 9.1 Firmware Repository r21
ME Analyzer v1.189.2_r234
CSME_Version_Detection_Tool_Windows (legacy)
CSME_Version_Detection_Tool_Windows (CSMEVDT)

I would be very grateful for any guidance....
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So I found this solution on the msi website, with the same reported problem as you. This person solved his problem as stated below.

I followed these steps in the thread

"Got FTK9 (9 stands for chipset - mine is Z97) from:
Downloaded latest bios, renamed it to bios.bin inside ftk\windows directory.
Under command prompt (as admin) i did:
  1. fptw -d backup.bin
  2. fd44cpr -n backup.bin bios.bin
  3. fptw -rewrite -me -f bios.bin
Turned off pc and also psu. After turning it back on everything worked fine. Got ME installed and DIP5 successfully."

But I wasn't doing this correctly since command prompt was telling me fptw was unrecognised so I just ran the merefi.bat file inside the folder and it did everything for me. Then turned off PC and PSU as instructed and ME came back.
Mar 12, 2021
Install chipset driver.
Install Intel Management Engine driver.
Install Realtek HD Audio driver. 64

ME Version remains as "N/A" in bios, and is not detected in System Devices in windows.
Onboard Sound Card is not detected either
Onboard Via VL805 USB hub not detected either

I can still do a full (or ME only) flash to both Bios, yet ME refuses to activate or be detected anywhere....