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Question Msi x99A Sli Plus problems with 960EVO m.2 drive

May 31, 2020
Hello to everyone,

So the drive of the titled was installed to the system and everything was running just fine until one day that I had to get some other HDD's in the system so I plugged them at the SATA port 5-6 and after rebooting I was getting the Reboot and select proper Boot Device.

After I start doing some research I read on the manual that the SATA ports 5/6 are disabled when there is a m.2 drive on the system and I think that's how I managed to mess the things up.
So the drive doesn't boot and it's not showing up on the Bios as well but when I insert an other drive with windows it boots properly and the m.2 drive shows up.

I did try quiet a lot of things playing around with bios settings and troubleshooting with command line from a Windows boot stick. Somehow when I was trying to restore through BCD the boot partition which it looks like it's the problem I managed somehow to be able to boot but the problem was that I messed up with the drive letters and the USB stick had to be plugged in. To do that I used the '' bcdboot c:\Windows /l en-gb /s x: /f ALL '' command also at that stage before I tried to use the bootrec /FixMbr /FixBoot /ScanOs /RebuildBcd but I was getting error at the FixBoot command ''Access Denied''. The usb media was made through the latest Windows Creation Tool.

The good thing is that when I accidentally managed to boot on the drive I got a backup of everything and then I though that formating the disk would fix my problem but it's still there and at this point I am really confused what to do.