Question MSI Z390-A Pro BIOS update

Aug 7, 2020
Hello I have come to ask is there anyway to update this motherboards BIOS without using a flash drive? I was told that I need to update the BIOS to be able to use the i7 9700k with this mobo?


The only way that won't ruin your board(provided you have the right BIOS version for the right board model) is to have the BIOS file on a pen drive and use M-Flash to flash the BIOS. Also, last I checked, you should be good to go out of the box for that processor.

To note, you should be able to see the BIOS version the board shipped with by looking at the sticker that's on the board's 24pin connector.
First, check to see that you might already have the needed bios level.
Motherboards are made with the latest bios already applied.
You can see the bios level on your bios screen, or cpu-Z will tell you what you have.

Many motherboards have a method to update the bios via the internet.
Read your motherboard manual.
I would NOT try that.
If you have an internet outage during the process you can have problems.
A failed bios update can be difficult to recover from.

A minimal flash drive is only a few bucks anywhere.
Download the bios file and copy it to a
fat 32 formatted usb drive.
A flash takes a while with nothing apparent going on.
Do not interrupt the process.
It might take 15 minutes or longer.