Question MSI Z390 Ace Meg Bios Factory Setup Causes Constant Freezing

Oct 21, 2019
So I’m using MSI ACE MEG Z390 for my core i9 9900k for my first build and I’ve been having a lot of problem BSOD and Freezing when idle.

BSOD not so much, but freezing always happens when turning on my pc or just leaving it in idle. So here’s the weird part playing intense games is okay no problemo. If I leave my pc while my games are open it won’t freeze but if my pc is just left with all heavy programs close it freezes. Light programs like browsing still freezes my pc.

I start checking my RAM using memtest no problem and even swapping it 3 times already with different ram.

All of my hardware is working fine except I haven’t check my mobo yet and my cpu.

*NOTE: everything in my bios are in factory settings and no OC happened yet.

Until I tried to the Game Boost in the MOBO which automatically OC my cpu. At first I tried putting it in level 1.

I saw the voltage of my CPU increases from 0.950V to which I don’t remember 😅.

Increasing the voltage stop my pc from freezing, so what I did I put everything back in factory settings and increase my VCORE to 1.250V.

3 days testing it never freeze again, I even let it open the whole night and it didn’t freeze.

I’m sharing this and it might help someone,

for me 0.950V(Auto) for core i9 9900k is too low and causes me lot’s of problems.

MSI need to update their BIOS, my BIOS as for now is the latest 1.60.