MSI Z390 Godlike 6.3mm jack noise / buzzing problem


Dec 16, 2008
Hi guys I am having this really weird problem. I am talking about someone told me it's my power that not clean making this issue for me so hang on.

My new Z390 build running 9900k and MSI Godlike mobo working just fine other than 1 issue.
For a first time EVER I managed to get a headphones with high impedance and 6.3mm jack.
Headphones in working order, TESTED. I also tested front and back of the same mobo, everything is fine. And only when I am using 6.3mm jack located on the back of the board I am having this issue. Sound coming out from headphones comes with this high pitch noise and buzzing sound. Now here is the kicker.
In Realtek utility if you click test for left/right testing sound NO SUCH BUZZING, same thing in Windows Sound utility if I click Test, no problem.
You see I don't know what is going on. Only logical thing for me is all sounds on 6.3mm jack using some amp or some diffirent hardware as 3.5mm jack.
Also that faulty hardware is NOT being used during tests as well, because tests have no issues. But if I click on sound bar in volume task bar or any sound at all I am getting noise.
I tried removing Realtek driver and using Microsoft but MS one don't see 6.3mm jack, like at all. So with MS driver I can only used 3.5mm jack and it's totally fine with driver anyway. So I am stuck.
On internet I found EXACT issue someone is having but his solutions didn't work for me.

Please help guys I am going crazy.

Right now I am about to install Ubuntu as secondary OS and see if Ubuntu have support for that 6.3 jack and hardware associated with it and will test there... I don't know what else to do other than getting 6.3 to 3.5 adapter and live with this .....

Thanks !!!