Question MSI Z490 ez debug "VGA Fail" error after fitting new heatsink ?

Feb 13, 2021
First things first;
Coolmax 1000w PSU
MSI Z490 Tomahawk Mobo
intel i7 -10700 10th gen
msi Nvidia RTX 2060
Corsair vengeance rgb pro 3600 RAM. 2 @ 32 gig (2 stick per 32 gig).

The story ;
Bench tested all of it except 2nd set of RAM and liquid cooler and it booted. Put in case installed Win10 used for a week with stock heatsink.

Got remaining parts, changed heatsink to my last rigs heatsink (Corsair and working in old unit fine ) and put in the new sticks of ram.

Ez debug gets to VGA then flashes once, all the led lights go out. Repeat this one time, then they stay out.

Steps so far;
1. Re seat and then Remove Gpu, use on board graphics. (Worked previously on bench)
- Same result
2. Remove new sticks of RAM
-Same results
3.Reseat old ram
- Same result
4. Loosen Heatsink screws slightly. (Yes, it's still secure)
-Same Results

I've checked and recheck every connection, reseated it all. Re attached heatsink as well.

Help please