Question MSI Z490 Unify - Unable to boot from m.2 drive after flashing latest BIOS

Feb 12, 2020

I just flashed the BIOS of my MSI Z490 Unify and suddenly I can no longer boot from my nvme m.2. It appears in board explorer and list of drives but not in either of the boot priority screens.

I've tried rolling back to the original BIOS but I'm still totally unable to select m.2 drives in the boot order.

If I leave the machine to boot it simply tries to recognise an old EFI on one of my old 2.5" SSDs and goes into an automatic repair loop.

EDIT - It almost seems like the bios isn't seeing the EFI/bootloader on the m.2. Or it got corrupted. Guess the only thing I can do while waiting on a support ticket is to see if I can re-install Windows on the drive. Lucky is was a fairly fresh install.

SOLUTION Unplugged all other SATA drives and the nvme showed up again in BIOS. Plugged the SATA devices back in and it remained there. Had to do a Windows repair but now back up and running.

I'm guessing it was either a conflict with nvme/SATA or the fact that I had an EFI partition still on one of my old drives. That, or just a sketchy BIOS update.
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