Question MSI Z590 network cable unplugged


Feb 5, 2021
I have an MSI Z590 Pro Wifi. If I plug an ethernet cable in, my ethernet will not connect and the Network Connections windows says "network cable unplugged". The lights on the PC ethernet port and the router port are off. I can plug the same cable into another computer and it works correctly. I've also tried a second cable in the MSI computer, and that doesn't work either. I've tried updating network drivers that I downloaded from both MSI's and Intel's sites, and that doesn't fix it. The only thing that has allowed me to connect is going to the Advanced Properties of my Intel Ethernet Controller I225-V and changing Speed & Duplex to 10Mbps, but that's obviously not an ideal solution. Is there anything I can do to fix this?


What BIOS version are you on for your motherboard? As for your OS, if you're on Windows 10, what version(not edition) of the OS are you working with? Make and model of your wireless router? Do check and see if said router has any firmware updates pending.