MSI z97i ac vs asus z97 deluxe vs asus z97-a vs asus z97-k vs asus maximus hero


Mar 29, 2015
I'll be buying an i5-4690k soon with an 850 pro ssd. I plan to overclock and to game, but most importantly I want a board that has a better multimedia capability(better sound card, networking, etc.)
I am quite torn between the z97 deluxe and maximus hero, but I was thinking of getting a lower priced board to be able to buy an i7-4790k
In the most I would only use 2 ssds, 1hdd, 4 ram slots, and I will never go sli (will buy gtx 970), I would buy a sound card and would like to have open pci slots for upgradability in the future.
what could you recommend me to buy?
or is it better if i would get a mini-atx? as I would not use atx boards into its full capabilities, three way sli, 10 drives, etc.

TheGoat Eater

Apr 12, 2012
holy hell - these are very different boards that makes it hard to do a comparison. The MSI board is an itx with good wireless and the Maximus Hero is an enthusiast board while the others are well below that mark. If you want a great ITX board than the MSI is the way to go, but if not you are going to be stuck with limited options since it is an ITX board after all. You stated mini atx - this is mini-itx - are you thinking of micro atx? for a small powerful build that would be a killer choice, but be warned it is really small, Micro ATX might be a better bet for you and I would recommend the MSI Gaming Z97 board as that is what I use and it works great, strong and reliable. For full size boards the others you listed I would go hero, but I personally went with the MSI z97 matx gaming - no regrets :)

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