News MSI's New Titan Laptops Have HX CPUs, Mechanical Keys

Aug 17, 2022
MSI introduced its Titan GT77 with Intel's 12th Gen HX-series processors, as well as n upd GE77 Raider.

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I don't think you could go wrong with any of these msi machines. The Titan has more RAM and HD capacity a better screen and two thunderbolt 4 type C ports. So it should have more longevity. The look is different then the raider with the the rgb lights on the rear vs the front for the raider.

I've had my Raider GE77 HX for about 2 weeks now and really like it. I decided to stick with the msi brand since my GE70 has lasted me over 9 years and is still going strong. I love the look of the GE77 HX with the rgb lighting and also the option to upgrade ram up to 64 gb (not as much as the titan though!). I use this for 3d visualization, design, content creation, photoshop and rendering videos and am happy with the 3070 ti gpu and i7-12800HX processor mine comes with so far. See more in my review on yt: