Msn messenger not working



My msn messenger does not sign me in, it says that i am not connected to the internet, but i am, does anyone have any solutions which could help me sign in properly?
Also, my facebook,bebo and myspace are not working, bebo and myspace says that i am not connected to the internet (i am) and facebook says that it has an error on page and does not load properly,
I have tried restarting my laptop, and turning off and on my wireless, but none of this seems to help, also the exact same is happening to the other computer in the house which is using the same wireless as my laptop.
sorry if this was long and confusing, i wanted to make the problem clear, hehe :)


May 30, 2006
could be due to connection settings on the laptop, go to internet options then connections and lan settings make sure proxy settings are unticked and tick automaticaly detect settings and give that a try