Question Mt PC has suddenly started to lag in Windows & games

Oct 4, 2020
Hello, my problem start 4 days ago, i did a test 3 minutes on prime95 and my CPU had 94 temp, i stopped ,everything was good. After 3 days suddenly i start to have a bit of lag in windows and in games screen tearing . I install 6 different builds of windows, i disabled ram memory overclocked in bios, , tried with other graphic card , i installed windows only on ssd , and only on hdd, reseting bios to default, put battery out.
Before everything was smooth in cs go now i have screen tearing, vsync off always. Another difference is small but count,when i open Google Chrome he flash a bit and open , before when i opened Chrome was like an window in explorer. When i browse on chrome everything have a bit of delay , before i didn't have at all that delay. PSU voltage are fine, temps are good, when is in idle look good all. Things i haven't try to change PSU , motherboard and cpu. Is something weird i can't figure out this, maybe someone can help me, thank you !


CPU : Ryzen 5 3600X
Motherboard : Aorus Gygabyte B450 Elite
SSD : Kingston A2000 NVMe SSD
HDD : WD Blue 1TB
GPU : RX570 4GB
Memory : Corsair Vengeance 16GB
Power supply : SG-D600SCR, 600W
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