Much stress over new build..Here it is.


Sep 10, 2008
I posted here a few months ago, but have since changed my build. I'm building a lower budget gaming rig and think I'm at least in the ballpark. I admit that I'm suffering from information overload right now, but if I keep stressing over Intel vs AMD, yadda, yadda,yadda,,I'll never build this thing...LOL So, you experts please chime in with suggestions or comments, If anything I want to spend $100 less if I can. Here is a link to my list. I already have a nice 22" monitor, gaming mouse, keyboard and sound system.

Thanks all!


Dec 24, 2008
For just gaming, then the E8500 is a good choice for CPU. The x3 720 does pretty well too, but can only beat out the E8500 in FSX and GTA4, all other games the more efficient and higher clocked cores of the E8500 win out. If you want to save money though, then the PII x3 720 is a good option:

Better cooler would be a Xigmatek HDT-S1283, cheaper too.

I would highly suggest you get Vista home premium 64bit so you get DX10 and see all your ram, XP 32bit looks bland by comparison.

This PSU is enough for 1 4870, and can be bought in the combo with that case:

However if you want to get 2 4870's in xfire, then I suggest this PSU:

Cheaper 1066mhz ram: