I have the following system:
Mobo:Asus Rampage Formula
CPU: Q6600 OC 3.005 (Asus Utility)
RAM: Corsair DMX 4GB (2x2GB modules) 800MHZ 4-4-4-12
Sound Card: X-Fit Titanium Retail version
Tv Tuner: Aver Media
HDD:1 samsung 500GB spinpoint , 2 Samsung Spinpoint 750GB in Raid0
Watercooled CPU:Thermaltake Kandalf LCS Case
GPU:2 4850 in crossfire config from sapphire with thermaltake DuOrbs (all copper) iDLE from 29-50 C(depends on room temp) load 68 C max.
Fans:1 250MM side fan (4.8W/2.4A),6 120MM fans (2 LED 4 normal,total under 15W, dunno Amps), 2 92MM fans (No info), TMG thermaltake fan and slotfan (2.4W and dunno the 2nd 1).
PSU Thermaltake thougthpower 750W (Noise level is inaubile so i doubt its a power issue since fan is loud at full load)
Now i got an issue that really bothers me, i cant OC my GPUs, if i do, games dont have artifacts till 690/1150, but after some time they crash, some with error messeges, some with none.
Since i Use Vista Basic 32-bit, the information is basicly useless. Also sometimes i get BSOD or Black screens.

I wonder if anyone can give me information about this problem, if its a power problem, compatibility, etc.

P.S Catalyst 9.2


Dec 12, 2007
have you checked your cpu for stabilty useing prime95 or occt or orthos? if not do it first for 8hrs.

i have two hd4870's and one can oc the memory loads and the other can oc the core loads :p but because they cant oc the same ammount i have to settle with only 775 and 975. use ati tool to properly oc ure cards you might find you can take them both much higher.


May 29, 2008
Using software for overclocking is never a safe option, it's unstable at best, try taking the OC off, then hitting the GPU OC, see if you get the same results...