Question Multi-display problem

Feb 13, 2019
I was using multisplay on 2monitor. i had pluged 1 with hdmi and 2nd with dvi . Pc was seeing 2nd monitor dvi as first monitor , when i was turning on pc boot menu was showing up in 2nd monitor but when it was going to show desktop it was turning black until 1st monitor turned on fully ( I was using duplicate mode ). Today i removed 2nd monitor with dvi ( cause it has to change capacitor ) and then i faced a problem. when i turned on pc it was booting fine but monitor was giving message "no video input enter sleep mode". I connected dvi instead of hdmi and it gave display but after that i connected hdmi aswell and chose second monitor only ( windows+p ) and it worked. i think the problem is that system "thinks" i still have multidisplay so i have to connect this 1 monitor with 2 cables.I just want to use only hdmi cause it has better image and i was always using it to play games so im used to it aswell. But anytime i turn on my pc i have to use dvi and then go to settings and change to 2nd monitor only to use hdmi which is annoying. Is there a way to turn off multidisplay or make my monitor work with only hdmi ?
Broadly speaking I would take a look in Device Manager to see if the second monitor is still seen there. If so then choose to uninstall it. Shut down, and then boot up with the single monitor you want to use.

As far as my own experience goes, even if there's no power to a second monitor but the display cable is still connected to the graphics card on my system this second monitor is still seen.
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