Question Multi-Monitor Display No Longer Working Since Recent Updates? (Video Example Attached)


Oct 1, 2014
Hi all,

Randomly, overnight, it's like my multi-monitor display suddenly stopped working. Here is an unlisted video showing the issue. It's like one monitor, specifically, through DisplayPort is no longer even being recognized. Tried switching the cables to no avail. Haven't tried HDMI. But an image pops up, and the little orange light in the corner will momentarily turn blue as if it's receiving a signal. Then it goes back to orange. It looks like NVIDIA sees it, but when I press the check box (see video above), there's a strange hitching that happens.

Everything was fine last night. Woke up this morning and poof, nothing.

Tried doing a safe boot with DDU and reinstalling my latest drivers. No luck. Maybe a recent Windows 10 or NVidia driver incompatibility?

My build is as follows:

CPU: i9-10900k
GPU: RTX 3070
RAM: 128GB
MOBO: Z490-E

Thank you in advance! Looking forward to any input.