Question Multi-Monitor Display or VR Headset for Gaming PC?


May 26, 2019
I plan to build or purchase a replacement gaming PC in the near future. In addition to gaming, I intend to use my computer as my stereo and do at least basic drone video editing (I will be getting recertified to fly drones in the near future). Throughout my time as a PC gamer, I have used a single monitor display. I am currently waiting for Nvidia and AMD to release their RTX 40 and RX 7000 series GPUs. Depending on their GPUs' capabilities and prices, I am looking at gaming at either 1440p or 4K resolution and will look at appropriate gaming-capable monitors that can handle either of those two mentioned resolutions. As I wait for the release of the new GPUs, I am considering either a dual-monitor setup or VR headset setup for my PC gaming and drone video editing (Not currently looking at Hollywood-level video editing). In general, would I be better off by going with a dual-monitor setup using potentially more advanced displays or would I be better off with a VR headset? I am not looking at gaming monitors or VR headsets that are super expensive, but I would appreciate your recommendations on reasonably priced reliable equipment based on which route you guys think I should go.

I'd be against a VR headset for this use case because:
  • True VR compatibility is limited in games. Games with no VR compatibility you might be able to play with the VR headset in some theater mode, but that's less than ideal.
  • VR headsets can get uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time
  • You won't be able use another display because you can't see it.
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Once you go multi-monitor, you'll have nothing but pity for all those ppl still using single monitor setups, and nothing but feeling the need to face-palm whenever the thought of why it took so long to go multi crosses you mind.

I've had 2x-3x monitors since the days of CRT's, I'll never go back to a single monitor unless it's a superwide, which is 2x monitors in a single frame anyway.