Multimonitor constant freeze, audio working

Sep 23, 2018
So this is my set up:

i5-6600k no OC
GTX 1060 6gb no OC
Asus Z170-A
2 monitors

I have 1 monitor connected to the 1060, and another to the mobo igpu. I turned out iGPU Multidisplay in the bios.

The set up is around 1.5+ years old, I dusted the inside a few months back. The thermal paste hasn't been reapplied though.

Just a few hours ago, my monitors start freezing up, and each monitor have the same symptoms before they all freeze up.

So when things start, my DGPU (dedicated gpu) monitor will start staggering, it freezes a bit, and backs to normal, and freeze again. My IGPU monitor still works just fine.

Then my DGPU monitor just freezes, my mouse no longer moves, but I can still move my mouse over to the IGPU monitor.

Finally, my DGPU monitor goes black, and my IGPU monitor will stagger and eventually go full freeze, but no black screen on the IGPU monitor. The audio is still working just fine, I can hear youtube playing on my wireless headset.

Any idea what is going on? I just turned off iGPU Multidisplay now and updating my driver hoping that will help.

Edit 1: GPU driver updated, and both monitors are now on DGPU, a stress test was ran, no issue and normal temps. It still end up freezing, it first gets laggy then it completely freeze up, though no blackscreens. All HDD & SSD pass SMART check.

CPU temps seem normal, monitoring for about 45 min now. Doing a deep scan for virus, will run a OS corruption scan after.