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Question Multiplayer games instant crashing

Jun 29, 2020

Yesterday I was playing games without any issues, COD Warzone, Path of Exile, WoW.
Today, when I tried to play, as soon as I entered the ingame world,
the game crashed and returned to desktop, similar effect as to clicking ALT F4.
Each one of these games did exactly the same thing.
Just moments before crash, CPU usage was nearly 100%, It jumped from around 10-20%, and after crash, it returned to the previous value.

What is more interesting, is that I found crash strength reliable to the amount of other characters/players in the login area, in each game.
For example, in WoW there are many players around you, I was in main city, and it freezed the whole screen and system, I needed to hard turn the PC off.
In 2 other games, It crashed just after seeing few characters, but It only returned to desktop.

I did my own test, when I play each of these games alone (trial, starting area with no other players around) the game never crashed,
never untill some other random player appears, causing a crash.

I run several stress tests, for CPU and GPU, i checked RAM, everything seems fine.
I turned off antivirus, but it also didnt help.
I changed the source of internet, still nothing.

Any idea what the problem is? How to solve this?

Please help, I dont wanna play single player games at all...

My specs:
CPU: i7 7700k
GPU: asus strix 1080ti OC
PSU 750 Watts, RM750X
RAM: 32 gigs 4x8, 3200mhz G. Skill
To me this sounds like a network issue. I assume you can play off-line games just fine and it's only online games that crash. I don't think it has anything to do with your hardware.

So, what changed?
  1. Firewall on your computer
  2. Firewall on your router
  3. Something at your ISP
Those are just guesses based on the limited information.
Jun 29, 2020
I did turned off the computer firewall, together with antivirus,
I changed the internet source, from the home router, to mobile phone's router,
still nothing.
So, assuming at all.

  1. did not help, unless I need to do something more with it
  2. tried with 2 different routers, nothing has changed
  3. tried with 2 different ISP, still nothing