Multiple BSOD. Dump Files Included. Restarts before I can grab error?


Feb 14, 2017

So everything has been going great on my PC until recently. The last few days. It never really started until I installed Friday the 13th Game and got a BSOD. I am assuming it has nothing to do with the game. But that is when it started. A few min ago while browsing the net it BSOD again but restarted too quick I couldn't get the error.

I can provide anymore details if needed. Also included the .nfo

The BSOD on 5/27 was irql_not_less_or_equal and system_service_exception

5/27 I noticed intel turbo boost reinstalled itself. I uninstalled it and disabled it in BIOS

My 5/29 crash log is not on my pc for some reason...

In Event Viewer I do notice a lot of ESRV_SVC_QUEENCREEK
start with making a memtest86 boot usb stick. run the test overnight see if there any errors on the memory. if there is try using on stick if there no errors on one stick the other stick may have a bad spot. if the ram passes use intel cpu test to check your cpu. also use hardware info 64 bit. set it to sensor and logging watch your power supply voltages and mb temps.

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