Multiple BSOD windows 10


Nov 29, 2015
Hi all, I just did a clean install of windows 10 64 bit, and just upgraded from windows 8 32 bit.
I've had BSOD errors since Vista, which I started with and was all before win 8.
I have recently replaced my memory cards.

In the following link you will find all dump files since I installed windows 10 and a system info from MSinfo32.

Google drive dump folder

I've solved some BSOD's in my time with windows 8 via this forum, but there is too many and the uptime is often too low to investigate that much... The NTFS.sys are the most common errors I believe (general assesment) and have been around since the vista days.

I hope someone is able to help me, with some and even better all (though I understand it might be a little much asked).

Kind regards,



Going by with the latest versions of your dump files, your errors are:

Which leads me to suggest that there is a driver issue involved. I've read through the .nfo file
You have:
Q8200 @ 2.33HGz
Gigabyte Motherboard
8GB of Ram
Nvidia 9400GT

Could you possibly get back with the Motherboard model number?

To get back onto the issue at hand, BSOD's on the Windows 10 platform is commonly affected by improper/conflicting drivers. In this case I would suggest getting Windows 8 drivers for both the motherboard(chipset), nforce networking controller and the GPU although it is well known that there is no further driver support from Nvidia with legacy hardware from their camp. You could perhaps try installing the drivers for your components in compatibility mode whereby you can have them run in Windows 7 or Windows 8 mode.

Reason why I suggested running in Windows 7 mode was due to the fact that Gigabyte boards on the LGA 775 platform had driver support roll onto them with the advent of Windows 7's launch. Similarly the 9400GT ran without an issue on Windows 8 without any issues.

Before you follow up with a reinstall please read through this:
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When you say upgrade did you migrate to Windows 10 from Windows 8 or did you wipe your initial drive clean and performed a clean install?
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