Multiple BSODs daily with different error codes, now hardly starting up at all. Help?


Feb 7, 2017
CPU: AMD FX 6300 Black Edition
GPU: RX 460 (also tried:AMD Radeon HD 7770)
Mobo: ASRock N68-GS4 FX
OS: Windows 10

I don't even know where to begin with this. Please bear with me as it's my first time asking for advice on a tech forum.
I upgraded my computer just before christmas 3 months ago in order to play some games smoother. Every now and then my computer will BSOD, once or twice a day, sometimes considerably more, once in a while it wouldn't crash all day. Not even necessarily when playing games.
Sometimes it would blue screen before I even logged in, the error code will keep changing (I've listed most of these below.)






Sometimes the blue screen wouldn't even fully load, with words being cut off half way through and not actually gathering any data forcing me to hard restart. And sometimes I won't get a blue screen at all, it might just hard freeze or restart without any warning.

More often than not when it freezes my headset makes an ear wrenching noise which sounds like white noise on steroids. Don't know if that helps troubleshooting.

I've also tried removing the new ram stick I bought for the upgrade which had also changed nothing.

A resolution error causing my game to crash made me think that it was a graphics card error that was causing these problems. I removed the card to get a refund (I'm upgrading either way) And for the time being replaced it with my old AMD R7770 which didn't improve anything, then used onboard graphics which made things even worse. At this point the screen would start going black on every start up prompting a video_tdr_error (which would apparently be a driver problem, I used AMDs cleaner to remove all drivers from my computer.) and a restart loop until eventually automatic repair would kick in.

The computer runs in safe mode although im pretty sure I got one or two BSOD with the error codes I listed above.

Managed to get a fix to boot it into standard windows, but problems would prompt again.

I had multiple attempts at installing AMD display drivers with my old graphics card, but near the end of the download it would make the screen lose connection, go black and reboot entire system without asking me or notifying me. And device manager said i still had standard windows display drivers?device manager also didn't recognise my old graphics card (7770) apart from one of the times I hardware refreshed. However the issue continued without the graphics card.

Any help is appreciated. Cheers.

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