I have a Sapphire ATI HD4850 512MB card and a Sapphire AMD HD7970 GHz Edition cards in different systems and want to make a hybrid setup with a MSI 8600GT or 8800GT not sure which one though because I never used it before.
What exactly wil I be benefitted with?
Any speed improvements or speed degradations?
Where would I plug my DVI/HDMI cable, in the Radeon card or the GT card?
Since I cannot connect both of them together and the cord is coming out of only one card how exactly will the other card be used?

My main cards are the ATI/AMD cards in both systems.


Aug 16, 2012
Hybrid system... do you mean you'll use them as PhysX cards??? cause both are going to be too weak and can't keep up... (and degrade the overall performance when paired with the 7970 ghz edition)

Even with the Hydra chip (some chip/system that allows you to mix gpus and combine performances...) you wouldn't see much of a improvement because those nvidia cards are so old..