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Multiple cdr system


Apr 9, 2001
I need to create about 75 copies of a music cd (church worship service) weekly to sell at our meetings. With my 4x cdr it will be a full time job. I am looking for a way to make multiple copies. Maybe press a button and out come 3-6 cds at a time. I have seen some duplicators available but the prices for them are super huge.
Is there a way to build a computer with say, maybe 6 cd writers. What about software? Would it need to be IDE or SCUSI or is it impossible? Maybe I am crazy. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate the imput.
Thank you.


My first advice is to find a local company with duplication equipment, they tend to get great media prices and they usually give dicounts to church groups.
If you want to do it yourself, the Sept/Oct issue of Maximum Linux magazine had an article on cd burning under Linux and I believe some of the packages were able to write to multiple drives at the same time. You would need to use SCSI drives to do it. I have not tried it , but here is their site;http://www.maximumlinux.com/
Also if you go to; http://www.pricewatch.com/ check out prices on SCSI CD-R's there is a company blowing out older Yamaha SCSI cd-r for $42-$65 with a one year warranty.
The big thing with Linux is pick your version then pick your hardware.