Question Multiple Command Prompt Windows Opening at Startup

Aug 12, 2020
I had this issue with my last computer and now with my current one: On startup, multiple command prompt windows flash open before closing. I did not have this issue on the new computer for the first few weeks of owning it. The issue started immediately after playing Matchmaking in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I had been playing CS:GO on ESEA for the weeks that preceeded going back to matchmaking. I believe matchmaking provides a backdoor for hackers to get into a person's computer. What can I do to clean my pc, other than wiping everything and starting over?

Math Geek

something is starting up at boot time and that's why you see the flashing cmd prompt going by. it may not be a bad thing as many programs i use run a cmd at start-up. often it's just a quick version auto-update check or possibly running a script you asked it to. for instance spybot anti-beacon (win 10 telemetry blocker) runs a script to be sure everything is still disabled at each start-up. so i see that cmd prompt at each boot.

you need to see what is starting with the pc and disable it to stop it from happening. i use autoruns

to see everything starting with my pc. you can disable a very large portion of that stuff as its mostly not needed. just scan the list and disable anything you know what it is and do not need it to start with the pc. if you don't know what it is, then DO NOT mess with it. you can make your install unbootable if you start randomly turning stuff off. but all that office stuff, app auto update stuff, and many many other things just don't need to run at start-up eating resources. this will also make your pc boot faster and save resources.

this is the best place to start and then see if it persists.