Question Multiple Different BSODs

Apr 6, 2020
Hello I am writing this question as I have reached my limit and completely drained all my ''knowledge''.

My build:
I7 8700k (Cooler Master AIO)
Asus Strix 1070
2 Corsair Vengeance 3000 DDR4 8GB
1 Samsung evo m2 256gb

All my drivers and my BIOS are updated so my problem is:

When I Tune my pc using the BIOS and set my rams to 3000mhz I get mini stutters in everything I do , however I am not entirely sure the reason of stutters are my ram tuning. Furthermore , when I use the ASUS Ez Tune Wizard and restart my PC I get
IRQL not less or equal
Unexpected Kernel Trap
and one more BSOD I can't recall. Im trying to get the best performance out of my hardware without overtuning my stuff too much but I am completely at a loss how to do it without getting multiple BSODs. As of right now I am running the BIOS on completely auto and waiting to see if the stuttering will continue regardless of my interference with the settings. My fear is that its my hardware being broken and there is nothingh I can do to confirm that.