Question Multiple displays and video projectors on a graphic card and motherboard

Sep 11, 2019

I'm currently building a flight simulator in my college, as of now, we have 4 screens plugged into it and are waiting to receive our video projectors (2 of them). That means we have to plug 6 devices into our graphic card, which only has 5 ports. We therefore have the following options :

- Plug one of the screens into the motherboard's HDMI or DVI port, although we do not know which changes need to be conducted to do so.

-Install a second graphic card on the computer (different from the one already installed) and plug one screen on it.

We do not know which option is better though. Here are a few facts that might help :

The current graphic card in the simulator's computer is a GTX 1080Ti.
The additional graphic card we could install is a Radeon HD7970.
3 of the screens are display screens so I believe they have to be plugged on the same graphic card, same for the two video projectors. However, the fourth screen is a control screen from which we manage all the simulators' settings. I believe it would be easier to have this one plugged on the motherboard or on a different graphic card.
The computer has an Intel processor equipped with a graphic chipset.

We could also buy a second GTX 1080Ti but I believe they're harder to find now (we're in France if the matters) and it is not a very cheap option.

Do you have any idea of which solution would be better for solving this issue ?

Thanks a lot!


Would be best to list your complete system specs:

Graphics: GTX 1080Ti
Power Supply:

You need to check the specifications of your current GTX 1080Ti. It may not support five simultaneous displays.
Using on-board graphics in addition to a discrete graphics card usually needs to be set up in the system BIOS. The specific setting (if available) depends on what motherboard you're using. Please provide the model number of the motherboard.
Adding an AMD Radeon Card to a system already running an NVidia card used to cause issues (typically driver conflicts), but I believe most of them have been resolved. Assuming your motherboard AND POWER SUPPLY support multiple graphic cards, you should be able to install the HD 7970 and it's associated drivers. There shouldn't be any issues in doing so. If there are, remove the Radeon card and re-install the NVidia graphic card drivers.

It really depends on your motherboard. Ideally, you'd run your three screens and controller screen from the graphics card and the two projectors from the CPU's on-board graphics.

-Wolf sends
Windows , in theory, supports multiple drivers.
In this case, nvidia, amd and your integrated motherboard driver.
The individual monitors do not need to be connected to the same graphics adapter, they will all be controlled independently

If your psu is capable, 900w, I think, use the 7970.
If the extra monitors do not need a high refresh rate capability,
perhaps for the control panel, using the integrated adapter would be ok.

Since you apparently have the capability, why not try the different setups and see which one works best.

If, for some reason the motherboard integrated adapter does not work,
You could use any inexpensive card like a GT1030 to manage the control panel and perhaps the aircraft instrument panel display.