Question Multiple displays suddenly stopped working ?


Mar 22, 2021
Here is my hardware:

Motherboard: ASUS Pro-Art B550-CREATOR
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5600x 6-core
RAM: 64GB G.SKILL Ripjaws-V Series;
Graphics: Gigabyte GEFORCE GTX 1650 Windforce OC 4GB;
PSU: Corsair 850 RM850x;
Storage: SAMSUNG 980 Pro Series M.2 (500GBx2 & 1TB);
O/S: Windows 64 Pro.

Everything attached via Tripplite and Furman power conditioners.

I have three monitors attached to the GPU: a 34” LG Ultrawide attached (Landscape) via Display Port, and two much older 21” Dell P2211H monitors attached (Portrait) via VGA-to-HDMI adapters. Everything has worked fine since I built the machine in June 2021.

Here is my problem:

Yesterday (September 4), while working on a Word document all three of my screens went blank and the case fans speeded up to a high, steady RPM level. And there it sat... Shutting down and rebooting cleared the condition, but in a matter of minutes or even seconds, the problem returns, regardless of what I attempt to do.

By experimentation, I determined that I could eliminate the problem by only attaching one monitor. It doesn’t seem to matter which monitor (LG or Dell) or which connection (Display Port, HDMI). Currently, I have the LG Ultrawide attached via the Display Port.

I’m running Windows version 20H2. The most recent update to my system was a NEC Monitor 1.20.827.958 driver update, which (according to Windows Update history) was applied on 2021-08-23. If this update is causing the problem, why did everything continue to function properly between 8/23 and 9/4? So why now? Logic dictates that something must have changed. My conclusion is that I inadvertently modified something. But what?

Any ideas?


You should ideally be on version 21H1 for Windows 10 . The issue you've spoken of seems like the PSU(weird but possible to have a faulty unit) might be incapable of delivering power to the entire system when taxed with a triple monitor or that the GPU is struggling with a triple monitor setup. Although minor, the GPU will be taxed higher with a triple monitor(and higher resolution) than it would when on one monitor. In any case, can you remain in BIOS indefinitely? If so, now would be a good idea to check and see what BIOS version you're on at the time of writing.

Which slots are the sticks(assuming it's a kit) of ram populating on the motherboard? Can you parse a link to the VGA-HDMI adapters?
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Mar 22, 2021
Thanks for the input, Lutfij;

I just updated to 21H1, but the problem persists. I upgraded my BIOS when I built the machine in June. I'm only level down as of this writing.

Here is a link to the Moread adapters I'm using:

Further developments:

My prior "one monitor only" statement was incorrect. I can consistently recreate the problem ONLY by plugging in both the Dell monitors at the same time. I also switched out the Moread VGA-to-HDMI adapters between the two Dell's with no impact on the results:

  1. LG + Dell1 = success
  2. LG + Dell2 = success
  3. LG + Dell1 + Dell2 = failure
  4. Dell1 + Dell2 = failure

Then, I hooked up a third monitor I have - a NEC AS173M (which has an HDMI port and doesn't need the Moread adapter), and everything is stable. So, LG + Dell1|2 + NEC AS173M = success.

My current thinking is that the combination of the two Dell/adapters is somehow at, or close to, the bottom of this unholy mess.

My conclusion. "Note to self: How dare you attach stone-age monitor technology to such a nice machine!?"