Question Multiple failures, crashes and BSOD, it’s driving me crazy.

Jun 18, 2019
First of all hello, I’m new here, and English is not my native language so sorry upfront if I write wrong, etc. Don’t know where to place my question cause I’ve been experiencing a lot of issues from different sources. My bet is RAM.

Windows 10 64bits Home, Intel i7 7700k, MSI Z170A gaming m3, MSI GTX 1070, 2x8gb Hyperx 2400mhz. razer chroma and blackwidow, 1 sata ssd, hdd and ssd m2 PCIe (where my OS is installed).

The issues are as follows:
-Constant crash to desktop with no error message using Chrome, Witcher 3, GOG Galaxy, Kingdom Come Deliverance. A few times I got a BSOD with service thread exception and similar, so far it only crashes with no error message.
-When using chrome and edge, lots of times I get “error showing page” and the like. Sometimes I use adblock plus and it shuts down too. It happens whether I have it installed or not.
-Many files I’ve downloaded end up corrupted. Can’t even install adobe reader because of this (Have tried downloading the installer).
-Funny thing, every time i clicked in the body of the question from tom's hardware chrome couldn’t load the page (Aw, snap!). I had to restart the pc.

Things I’ve done:

-Updated all the drivers, even bios(set it to default also). GPU using DDU, tested different versions.
-Reinstalled chrome, set it to default.
-sfc /scannow and the like (Chkdsk), all of them where good.
-Tested RAM with the program from windows (results were ok), this night I’ll run memtest86.
-I’m not overclocking anything.
-Installed windows again twice with same results. Nothing changed, so very likely a hardware issue.

So, as I said earlier, I’m thinking RAM is to blame, but I’m not entirely sure and right now money is a problem. Thanks in advance.