Multiple Games Crashing To Desktop


Apr 29, 2009
At first I thought it was just a couple of games but it seems to be prevalent in DX11 titles. I bought LA Noire, Crysis 2, and most recently Ghost Recon Future Soldier and each crashes repeatably. It is always at random moments, generally after 30 minutes or so, but in Crysis 2 and Ghost Recon I have found specific moments I can not pass unless I turn graphical setting down considerably. It is not a performance drop but simply a freeze and then crash to desktop. This issue started when I purchased LA Noire and has popped up since in all new games that run DX11. I tried running Ghost Recon with DX11 turned off on the spot that was crashing and it still crashed so maybe it is more than DX11 issues but I truly have no clue. Any help is truly appreciated as I have no idea where to go or what to do. My drivers are up to date and not beta, I know a rollback wont help as I have tried that multiple times.