Multiple hard disk configuration



I have recently purchased a 120gb Corsair force 3 Sata 6gbs SSD to swap my OS to from a 60GB Vertex 2e. I will continue to use the vertex drive for other uses. In addition to these I have 3 x 2TB Samsung F4's and 2 x WD 500Gb drives alongwith a SATA DVD/RW. I am using an ASUS P6X58D-E motherboard which has 6 x SATA 2 ports and 2 x SATA 3 ports.

My question is regarding the best configuration to get the best out of my system but also in concern of the stability of the Marvell 9128 controller for possibly the corsair SSD and either 1 of the hard drives OR the DVD drive.

I have been using all DVD drive on 1 of the SATA 3 ports for a while with no issues but should i either get rid of one of the hard drives and continue to use the intel SATA 2 ports for all HDD / SSD's or keep the Hard drive and use SSD (corsair) and DVD drive on Sata 3 ports?

Any advice / opinions would be appreciated.



Apr 4, 2012
I would plug the new drive into a SATA3 port. The 60gb SSD into the other SATA3 port (won't benefit, but it is prob the best choice).

Then the rest into of the drives into the SATA2 ports. They all appear to be SATA2 devices and will not benefit from SATA3 connectivity.



That was the ideal solution and you think the Marvell port will be ok? Have read a real mixed bag about drives disappearing etc and SSD'd being more responsive on the intel controller.

Cheers for quick response