Question multiple issues with a brand new computor

Aug 30, 2021
So i recently purchased a new pc as my old laptop was breaking down. is the build and the place i bought it from. I have not added any custom parts to it. Im also fairly computor illiterate so I dont know the best ways to fix these kinds of issues. Problems that have come up with it include the wifi driver unistalling itself and suddenly black screening and restarting itself. It also artifacts on moniters sometimes and I have tried 3 seperate moniters and it sometimes doesnt happen but occasionally occurs. I really dont want to return it as school is starting up and waiting for another 2 weeks isnt what I want to do but the more and more I use the computor, it seems like the increasingly right choice to make.


The first thing would be to call NZXT and go through some troubleshooting. It could be a minor issue, bad cable, something really easy to deal with. They should have a few steps to work through and be able to tell you if the unit needs returned or not.
The specs seem to indicate a pretty decent system there and it's only about to get harder to find a GPU.