Question Multiple Monitor and computer setup

Oct 6, 2020
Hi everyone. I recently ran into an issue where I got a second monitor and I want use both at separate desktops (not mirrored) for each one of my three computers without having to constantly unplug all of my display cables and move them every time. The reason I have three computers is my desktop is my gaming computer, my MacBook is what I usually develop on, and my other laptop is my work one which I'm required to use for work because of its network access. I used to have all 3 hooked up to a switcher when I had one monitor which worked great the only problem was having to move my keyboard and mouse from comp to comp but it wasn't that big of a deal. But now that I have 2 monitors I cant find a solution to how I can sort this out w/o having to constantly unplug everything. Is there any way to get an HDMI splitter that doesn't mirror or another solution someone might have? Also it would be nice if the solution could fix my keyboard/mouse switching one as well but if not that's not a big deal. Thanks.!