Question Multiple monitors at home


Apr 4, 2019
Guys - this is not exactly a technical question but I have 3 monitors in different rooms in the house and need to add a 4th one. I just need to keep moving around depending where kids are playing, when their friends visit and need to work in a silent room. I do this a couple of times daily. All current monitors are older 21 inch 1080 monitors. I would like to buy a bigger 4k monitor but really don't need it (all I do is simple web browsing, spreadsheets, documents, etc) and nothing else. The main thing I fear is constant adjustment in two areas
  1. Adjusting eyes from big to small and vice versa all the time. I'm afraid that if I spend 2 hours with a 4k 27 inch monitor, I'll find it a little tough to adjust to a smaller and lower resolution monitor when I go back to the other rooms
  2. RDP - I constantly do RDP between windows machines and I've noticed that when I go back to its console after RDP'ing from a different resolution monitor, my settings in Outlook, etc get a little messed up. For e.g. the space between the left folder bar, middle messages bar and right actual email body bar. In this scenario, is there a benefit to standardizing on a single resolution everywhere?
I'm looking to see if anybody else faced this similar challenge and what did you do and which way did you compromise?



This depends on you, I use different resolutions constantly between my monitors and laptops and don't have any issues. The size of the programs will adjust automatically to the display unless you actually drag the size of the different sections to different sizes.