Question Multiple Monitors Setup


Oct 3, 2013
Right now im using two 24' l920 x l200 monitor side by side connected to my dell xps I5 9550 laptop. I just bought a 32" 4k monitor but shipping it will a while.

And when i get the 32" 4k monitor, my plan was to use just one of them with this one... but if i want to use all three... what are my options? Can someone here post the exact product I would need? The thing is though in this situation... only one of my monitor is 4k.

I heard that no matter what docking station you buy etc... if you wanted to have three monitors?

At the moment, i have a usb c to displayport cable connected to one of my monitors... and a hdmi to hdmi to the other monitor. I also have a usb c to hdmi cable as well.

I know if i only want to connect the new monitor with one of my current monitors, i could just connect the usb-c to display port with the new monitor and hdmi to hdmi with one of my current monitor.

What do i need to connect all of these three monitors?

Is this what i need to buy if i want to connect all 3 monitors to my dell xps 15 9550 laptop?

I will be using my two 24' 1920x1200 monitors... and also like to use the 32' 4k monitor together.


you are running this all off a laptop.
you can get a USB C dock thing to connect all three monitors to it, however, the more important question is, can your laptop's graphics handle all the pixels?
What laptop do you have? and is it running integrated graphics or dedicated graphics?

That's the important bit here to helping you out, knowing the exact make and model of laptop you have.
As well as the exact make and model of the all three monitors.